What sets the backbone of this company apart from the other ABA billers is that our experience billing ABA therapy superseded the state mandates.  We were in the game billing ABA for select self-funded groups and were the office manager for three small ABA Service Providers in FL before insurance companies would even consider ABA therapy as anything other than experimental. Once the mandate passed in the State of FL, we were working with insurances; guiding them with persistence often faxing a copy of the mandate as proof the claim needing to be paid. Insurance reps had no understanding of what ABA was and would continually deny claims erroneously stating service as not a covered expense, denying as experimental, or License is required for this service; even though State of FL does not license BCBA’s.  Written references from clients outline our most invaluable attribute is our sincere passion for helping to develop your business, hands on approach, and wealth of knowledge on every facet of starting, daily operations, growing, and how to thrive owning/running ABA businesses.  Additionally, our superior service, attention to detail, and ABA related office management experience offers a ABA Provider the ability to feel confident about back office operations being handled and spend time with the those kiddos that need them the most.  We personally manage several small BA businesses and learned the ins and outs of every aspect of running the business from bookkeeping, billing, HR, to scheduling to maximize authorized units, etc. Once the mandate passed, MPAS was one of the first to leap into the fire with billing insurance companies for ABA services. 

MPAS offers competitive rates and a la cart services so you only pay for what you need.  MPAS has been in business for 18 years and is located in State of Florida.  We are a small business that grows from referrals from our clients. Our basic philosophy is that we don’t prosper unless you do, so through experience, efficiency, open communication, and superior organization skills, you will soon consider MPAS your silent business partner, here to support you. There are two divisions of MPAS; full charge bookkeeping and insurance billing, often coming together to provide full practice management. >>

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